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Founded in 1988 and now a bona fide family business!

Dr. Laura Dennison opened Audiology Associates of Georgia in 1988 and has helped thousands of people hear better since then. Whether you're here for yourself or to help a loved one hear better, we hope this site offers some guidance and helps you take the next step towards better hearing. Please call us to set up an appointment so we can help you hear better and reconnect to the sounds you've been missing.

Our mission here at Audiology Associates of Georgia is to enhance the quality of life to our patients, their family and their friends by providing high quality hearing solutions that make it easier to stay connected. If you are think you may have a hearing loss, we hope the links above provide some useful information to help you understand hearing loss better. When you're ready, give us a call to schedule an appointment for a free hearing screening and consultation. We'll let you know if you have a hearing loss, if it’s treatable and what the next steps are.

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Audiology and Hearing Aid Services


With my new hearing aids,
I can hear him again!

Do You Suspect Hearing Loss?

Our hearing often declines with age, but certain risk factors like loud noise, hereditary disposition and other things makes us more vulnerable to damage.

Ask yourself the following questions before you consider buying a hearing aid.

Does he/she have a problem hearing you over the telephone?

Do you or others complain that he/she turns the TV volume up too high?

Do you feel like he/she has trouble hearing children or women’s voices?

Are you and other family members or friends getting annoyed because he/she keeps misunderstanding what you say?

Does it seem like he/she is ignoring you?

Is it hard for he/she to follow a conversation if more than just one person is speaking?

What You Can Do
Hearing Aid Products

No Limitations!

Our expert staff is trained to assess your hearing loss and fit you to the device that suits you and your lifestyle the best

Hearing Aids

Our Audiology and Hearing Aid Services...

We provide expert hearing care and offer a variety of services!

Our services include hearing aid evaluations and fittings, battery sales, hearing aid fitting, audiometric evalations and other comprehensive hearing services. One of the most important things we provide is the lifetime care and maintenance of your hearing aids.

We provide: free battery supply for the life of the hearing aids, quarterly cleanings and adjustments, yearly hearing examinations, ongoing hearing aid fittings, and first year loss and damage insurance along with a first year warranty on most hearing aid models.

What to expect from Audiology Associates of Georgia:

You can expect a warm, friendly, professional environment and experienced professionals that will work with your hearing needs and budget to find the right device for you. With over 45 years combined experience, our company has earned a reputation for being experts in the field of audiology and hearing instruments, always seeking the best and latest technology to help our patients hear as best they can.

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Contact us today to set up an appointment with a hearing specialist to discuss your hearing health, hearing aids and the best way to treat your hearing loss.

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