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Your Questions Answered

Below are the most common questions we get asked and some quick reference answers to help you understand hearing loss a bit better.

Is age a factor with sudden hearing loss?

No. Although hearing loss is very commonly connected to older people, sudden hearing loss is not connected to age – young or old.

Can hearing loss occur from exposure to one loud sound?

Yes, a single loud noise can cause deafness, but usually will only last a few hours or a day. Repeated exposure to loud noise however can do significant damage.

Is hearing loss hereditary?

Not in most cases. The most frequent causes of hearing loss are infections, repeated exposure to loud sounds, and aging. But occasionally genetics play a role such as with Connexin 26, a protein that is the most common cause of congenital sensorineural hearing loss.

What if my hearing loss is permanent?

Although the prospect of having a hearing loss may seem scary, recent advancement in technology have made amplification (or hearing aids) extremely natural sounding, very discreet to the point of being unnoticeable, and are so easy to use and maintain that you may only need to come back to our offices a few times a year for a routine cleaning or adjustment. When it is permanent, a hearing aid can be used to restore your hearing to a very natural and comfortable level. Like getting eye glasses, you’ll get used to them and won’t ever want to go without them.

How long do hearing aids last?

Users today are typically replacing their aids around three to five years, as their needs and technology advancements change.

Does insurance cover hearing aids?

Sometimes, but not all the time. We do our best to work with most insurance companies.

What are the different ways my hearing loss can be treated?

With advances in hearing devices and medical treatment options that are constantly expanding, hearing loss often doesn’t have to be considered a permanent circumstance. Let’s consider a few conditions and their treatments:

Infections that affect hearing (most of which occur in the middle ear) can be treated with an antibiotic.

Hearing loss caused by an injury or trauma to the ear or head may subside on its own, but in some cases, corrective surgery is needed.

Otosclerosis, Acoustic Neuroma, Ménière's disease or Mondini Syndrome" may require medicine or surgery.

Hearing loss caused by earwax is treated by removing the wax. This process can often be delicate and should be done by a professional.

Permanent hearing loss (which is usually age-related or noise-induced) can be treated with hearing aids to fully restore hearing…and quality of life.